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The use of visual elements to communicate is deeply rooted in human nature and photographic images are used in all aspects of our lives.

Photos register on our minds more deeply and in ways that text alone can't. They are persuasive, add energy, increase understanding, convey emotion and inspire us. They have the ability to stimulate thinking, trigger memories and focus the viewer's attention.

Product Photography

The important differences between general photography and product photography are expectation and focus. There are two important rules: first, the product is the star and second, the overall quality of the photo reflects on the value of the product.

Important Elements of Product Photography

  • Composition – in product photography the main task is to focus attention and emphasize important features of the product. This is done by maximizing the angle of view and highlighting important details.
  • Lighting – All cameras only capture light. The human eye also captures light but processes it in a complex manner that is very different from a camera. Cameras can't interpret an image, they only record them. Studio lighting is used for product photography since lighting can be controlled and directed to achieve the best possible image capture.
  • Planning – Developing a visual concept for the photo, coordinating the needed resources and managing the photography session all take time and effort but are important elements in producing quality photography.
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General Photographic Services:

  • Photo Retouching/Editing
  • Photographic Art Direction
  • Image Preparation and Storage

Photo Retouching/EditingMany photos can be enhanced or improved with color correction, adding sharpness, removing blemishes and other retouching techniques.

Photographic Art DirectionThe photographic art director is responsible for creating the visual concept, directing the photographer and final approval. The photographer can work separately, giving the art director time for other work.

Image Prep & Storage Final preparation of the photo involves removing background elements, correcting color and other retouching as needed. The final image files are optimized for website as well as print use and backed-up. Every Photo is a valuable asset and should be kept safe and organized.

The Trouble with Low Quality Pictures

It is critical for photographic assets to be the highest quality possible since an inferior picture will communicate a negative impression, not only about the product but also about the company.

Poor quality images can lose the attention of readers and dilute the message.

Photographic Tune-up

Many photos just need minor correction to improve overall quality and can be enhanced using digital methods. Small changes can make a big difference in the overall quality and usability of an existing photograph. However, updating with a new photo is often the best solution to revitalize your product presentation.

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