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Building a Company Brand

Good or bad, all companies have an identity and the company identity is part of the overall value of a business. Building and maintaining a positive company identity is an on-going process that can be difficult and costly but is vital for success. A strong company identity can raise the overall success of products, services and business efforts as well as add value for customers, associates and investors.

If a company is not vigilant in managing their identity then it can be influenced by the attitudes and opinions of employees, customers and outside media.

Using a brand strategy is one of the best methods for developing and maintaining a positive public identity. The brand becomes the face or appearance of a company and is a guideline for employees. A strong brand adds value to the business. There are specific techniques that are used to build and keep a brand healthy.

Use a Clear Brand Message.

Describe your brand through this message. Lead with the brand message and make it part of the company culture. The brand message should be integrated into the products, policies and practices of everyone associated with the company.

Use a Well Crafted Logo and Tag Line.

Amplify the company message and quickly identify the company with a logo and tag line.

Give the Brand a Voice.

There should be a consistent tone and method to all written and visual materials that are used both on-line and in print.

Product or Service Brands

A specific product or service can also have its own brand. The product brand and company brand are similar in many ways but completely different in purpose and scope. Product brands differentiate the product or service but also need to support and complement the company brand. A product brand should not compete with other company brands.

Company Logos

Product/Service Logos

Creating a Logo

A logo is an image that represents the brand. It should be distinct, effortlessly recognizable, enhance the message and be a reminder of the company or product.

Logo design requires creativity but is also a science and there are important rules; simplicity, artistry and uniqueness being key qualities of a great logo design. The logo should work in a single flat color and be recognizable in all sizes.

Avoid trendy or fad logo styles, a logo should be timeless. However, even the best logos can become dated, a new or revised logo can revitalize a brand.


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